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Are you looking for Rug Cleaning in Waynesville NC? Then look no further! We are located in Sylva, North Carolina, which is conveniently located for customers in Waynesville NC!

Rug Cleaning In Waynesville NC

Read below for more information about our process of cleaning rugs :


Step 1 – Rug Cleaning Inspection


The first step of cleaning the rug(no matter type of rug), is to go over what we think needs to be addressed(problem areas), and what we plan on doing to resolve said issues.


Step 2 – Removing the dry soil from your rug


We use a process that is patented to effectively, and safely remove years of debris from your rugs that can’t be removed from the basic process of using a vacuum and rug cleaner. This step is critical before adding cleaning products! Our professional rug dusting machine produces 43,000 harmonic vibrations per minute, which ensures to loosen any soil / debris from your rug.


Step 3 – Using safe rug cleaning chemicals


Depending on how soiled your rug is, as well as other problems, we will use industrial strength cleaning agents to loosen any greasy soils, as well as addressing odor problems. It will leave your rug smelling fresh! We then give the rug a thorough rinsing afterward.


Step 4 -Additional spot removal


If there are specific spots that did not get as clean as they should during the first procedures, we then use professional grade spot removal products to work on the remaining stains.


Step 5 – Drying / grooming / wrapping your rug


Luv Ur Rugs uses drying tables that are built for high speed, and use high volume fans to dry your rug quickly, and thoroughly. Afterwards, we groom the rugs in order to comb out fringes. It’s then rolled up, and stored. When your rug is ready for pickup we will call you!


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