Carpet Cleaning

Why Choose Luv UR Rugs


We are locally owned and operated, central to all of WNC. Proudly serving customers throughout WNC in Haywood, Jackson, Macon and Swain counties.


Luv UR Rugs is the premier carpet cleaning service provider in your area, offering top of the line, industry leading carpet cleaning service for all homes and businesses. Having your carpets cleaned by Luv UR Rugs will improve your homes air quality, remove harmful sediments, dirt, bacteria, dust, pollutants and mold.


Luv UR Rugs has been cleaning carpets and rugs for nearly 50 years giving us the knowledge and experience to get the job done right the first time, unlike local competitors who either have to return to finish the job correctly, don’t show up, or never answer the phone to begin with.


We use the hot water extraction method that removes all the dirt, debris, bacteria and pollutants from your home without the nasty chemicals that the other guys use. No fragrances, no frills just completely clean carpets and rugs.


Having been a local business in the area for close to 50 years we understand how it works and sometimes doesn't here in the Great Smoky Mountains of Western North Carolina so here is what we'll aim to provide to you...

Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

Improve Your Air Quality

Clean carpet means improved clean fresh air, you’ll no loner be kicking up the bacteria, dirt, mold, pollutants, etc. that accumulates over time.

Extend The Life of Your Carpet

Well maintained, clean carpets just last longer, without the dust, dirt, debris, mold, bacteria and other organisms breaking it down your carpet will look nicer and perform better for many more years than it would if left unmaintained. 

Regular vacuuming is one thing and DIY steam cleaner rentals use harmful chemicals and potentially allow for improper techniques to be used while not extracting all of the dirt and harmful things that can accumulate in your carpet. Having regular professional carpet cleanings will not only breathe new life into your carpets but it could prolong the life of your carpet far beyond it’s expected lifespan

Return On Investment

Increasing the value of your property by simply having the carpet cleaned could generate significant gains when selling to the tune of thousands, we’ve seen it. In addition to higher offers we’ve seen significant reduction in the decision making time for buyers to make an offer and increases in the number of offers and aggressiveness of buyer offers just from have clean, fresh smelling air from our carpet cleaning services.