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    Rug Wrapping

    We provide a rug wrapping service for those clients who need to ship or store their rugs. The wraps keep the rugs safe from getting dirty and water damage.

    Other Services

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    Scotchgard 3m Brand can be applied with the carpet has been clean and is wet and is sprayed with 70 psi, then raked into the fibers and hug up to dry.

    rug cleaning western north carolina

    Urine Treatments

    The sooner you treat the pet urine, the better change of being able to release the urine crystals from the fibers for a more thorough cleaning.

    Rug Repairs

    Luv Ur Rugs can re-sew the threaded seams back together for you. If you have a rug whose threaded seams have come apart due to wear or washing...

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